Nano Coulomb Meter

Kasuga Nano Coulomb Meter

Coulomb Meter Model NK-1001/1002

The NANO COULOMB METER is a pencil-type digital charge measuring instrument with which the excess dynamic charge on a semiconductor device, a leading cause of its static breakdown in the fabrication, inspection, assembly, and other processes, can be easily measured simply by applying the instrument's probe to its lead.


Excess dynamic charge (Q) can be determined from equation Q=CV by storing it in a capacitor (C) and measuring the voltage (V) between its terminals. The NANO COULOMB METER is a new type of charge measuring instrument designed to measure excess dynamic charge with its pencil-type probe in contact with the object of measurement.

Employs a probe measurement system which allows excess dynamic charge to be easily measured simply by bringing the probe into contact with the object of measurement.

The measured excess dynamic charge can be held or canceled at the mere touch of an electronic switch.

The probe tip of the pencil-type probe is a replaceable unit. The optimum type of probe tip can be selected according to the application.

The probe tip is of a spring type which enables measurements to be performed without damaging the object of measurement.

Compact, lightweight, and easy to operate, this instrument can be conveniently used in the field of production.


  • Detection Method : Capacitor charging method

  • Display system : Digital liquid crystal display
    Measurement range : 0.01 to 9.99 nC(KQ-701)
    0.1 to 9.99 nC(KQ-801)
    Measurement accuracy : Within 5%
    Power : AAA alkaline dry cells (up to 4 hrs
    of continuous use)
    Dimensions and weight : [Main body] 118x70x25mm, 135g
    [Probe] 154mm in lengthx14mm in
    diam., 50g



Coulomb Meter Model NK-1001/1002

This coulomb meter is a probe-type instrument for measuring the amount of discharge which can cause electrostatic breakdown. It can make precise numerical predictions on the damage caused to electronic devices by CDM (charged device model) situations and by small-capacitance discharge (discharge of charged suspended metal particles) due to friction and electrostatic buildup during the processes of their manufacture, inspection, and assembly.



Easy measurement of the amount of discharge (excess dynamic change) simply by touching the object (conductor) to be measured.


Discharge of electronic device and printed circuit boards surrounded by high-potential spaces and charged insulators can be measured.


Contact-type design for almost no measurement error.


Peak hold and continuous measurement modes.


Four-digit display for wide-range coverage.


A 2-power system is adopted for convenience in long-duration operations. (AC adapter available as an option)


An optional conductive probe chip is available, enabling safe and sensitive measurement of products.


The optional DC power supply ZHO-200PN can be used to measure device capacitances.


Detection method

Capacitor-charging method


Digital LCD

Measurement range

0.01 nC to 99.99 nC (NK-1001)
1 to 9999 nC (NK-1002)

Measurement accuracy

Within 5%

Power supply

Two AAA alkaline cells and AC adaptor(As an option)


Conductive probe chip, cable for connection to recorder


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